Announcing full GPL licensing

When we set off with VersionPress and the crowd-funding campaign for it, we were focused on technical things and wanted to postpone the final decision on licensing. That was a mistake and you let us know loud and clear. We heard you and have an important and exciting announcement to make today: VersionPress will be 100% GNU GPL-licensed.

What this means

First and foremost, this means that VersionPress will be completely in line with WordPress itself and many of its plugins and themes. By adopting GPL, VersionPress becomes true free software which guarantees that you can use, study, share and modify it as you wish (as long as the GPL freedoms are preserved). We believe this is great for our users and the whole community!

What doesn’t change since our last post on licensing is that our top-most priority is to make VersionPress a solid and dependable solution to the version control problem, and we are committed to supporting and evolving it in the long-term. So depending on how the future of this project works out (some big sponsor joining in vs. not, etc.), we might use some kind of premium model, be it paid support, some optional accompanying service or something like that. We don’t know and can’t know yet how things will work out, we just thought we’d mention that because although this is totally in line with GPL, some people don’t find it intuitive and could feel mislead. We have no intention of doing that.

To sum up

VersionPress becomes free software with this announcement and will try to be a good citizen in the WordPress landscape. We think it is really important for the project and we want to thank all the community members who talked to us about this issue and helped make it happen. Thank you!


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