Call for sponsors

Since we launched VersionPress a week and a half ago, it has received a very warm welcome around the globe. We have seen many encouraging blog posts, articles and tweets about it, and around 200 supporters joined the project and backed it so far.

We are really thankful for all that and please, keep it coming, but we’re also seeking some bigger sponsors which would greatly help to make the campaign a success. We believe that VersionPress has concrete benefits for companies doing WordPress-related work, be it hosting companies, consulting agencies etc., as it makes the delivery of “WordPress as a service” much more dependable and reliable from the customer’s point of view. That is hopefully a clear value added.

So if you are an owner of such company, work for one or know one, please consider getting in touch with us and help us fund the project. We have three sponsorship tiers starting at $500 and apart from technical benefits that VersionPress brings you, you will also have a special place on our website which should drive traffic back to your service. Win-win for both sides, and the community.

If you’re interested you can find all the details about our sponsorship tiers here. We’ll be happy to answer any question, just contact us at

Thank you!