VersionPress is not just for geeks

Sometimes we hear something like “VersionPress is certainly interesting for developers but I’m not so sure about the common user.” Let me talk about why we are in fact very valid, maybe even more so, to them.

With VersionPress, we target two groups of people:

  1. Technical people like pro admins, developers etc. (“the 1%”)
  2. All the other users (“the 99%”)

The first group usually sees the value of VersionPress immediately and it’s true that the initial campaign is geared more towards to them for various reasons, but it’s also more likely that they will have the update problem sorted out, somehow, at least partially.

For example, I am a developer. I know Git well and use it daily. VersionPress is still valuable to me because 1) I have smaller project that I don’t always want to bother with proper versioning, staging etc., and 2) merging two databases (live and test) is still a relatively hard thing to do for me even if I try. So VersionPress has features that are directly useful to me.

But say that a small business owner has her small WordPress web – she typically doesn’t know how to protect herself from failed updates, how to do staging (she doesn’t even have a clue what that word means) etc. It’s her who will benefit from VersionPress greatly, and she will not need to know a thing about version control, Git, branches and other things because of the UI of VersionPress is designed to be user-friendly.

Simply put, the goal for VersionPress has always been not to target the geeky 1% of WordPress users but to bring something very useful to everyone. Jeff Chandler from WP Tavern called it “bringing version control to the masses” and that’s exactly what we’re trying to do.